• The Cotillion Ballroom is a show setting in Wichita, Kansas, United States.It is arranged between Maize Road and 119th Street West on the north side of Kellogg (US 54) in West Wichita. 

    In the midst of the late 1950s, the Wichita required for a private audience. Worked in 1960, The Cotillion is a 28,500-square-foot (2,650 m2) working with a biggest show farthest point of 2,000 people. The 24-foot (7.3 m) high domed rooftop over a 11,000-square-foot (1,000 m2) drifting hardwood maple move floor and a stage that features neon reads band shell. 

    The Cotillion is a remarkable events office that hosts appear, roller derby, moves, performers and stage shows extensively known masters and performers. This one of a kind events is open for shows, moves, dinners, corporate events, social occasions, exhibitions and private get-togethers.


    Please visit the business of one of our  regular supporters.

     11120 W Kellogg Dr., Wichita, KS 67209, USA

     Be sure to check out this attraction too!



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